Two new bishops announced by the Diocese of Chichester

WATCH notes the announcement of two new bishops in the Diocese of Chichester. Chichester is a diocese with well below average numbers of women incumbents and we hope the appointment of Ruth Bushyager as Bishop of Horsham will encourage the wider development of women’s ministry in the diocese.We do however, note that the new Bishop of Lewes is a Traditionalist who does not accept the sacramental ministry of ordained women so the diocese will only have one bishop who fully affirms the ministry of women.

We accept that these two appointments are in accordance with the 5 guiding principles. We hope that the final principle’s aim of the ‘highest possible degree of communion’ will be reflected in a joint consecration service of these bishops by the Archbishop of Canterbury. That would send out a strong commitment to mutual flourishing in the Church of England.

Emma Percy
Chair of WATCH

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