If you are not a member, then why not join now. Paid membership supports the ongoing work of WATCH and enables a voice for gender justice in the Church of England.

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Paid members receive…

  • OUTLOOK, our annual journal of reflections and articles on our Affirming, Campaigning and Transforming activities.
  • Subscription to our e-Newsletter as above
  • An option to receive Urgent Newsflashes with inside information and calls to action.  These might be 5 or 6 times a year.

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Standard Member - £20

Standard Members are individuals who are not eligible for a concession rate

Joint Members - £25

Joint Members are two people living at the same address.  They will both have online accounts but receive only one copy of OUTLOOK. Register the first person here and then follow the instructions on the Welcome Page for the second person.

Concession Member - £10

Concession Members are either unwaged or retired.  They have the same benefits as a Standard Member but at a reduced rate.

Individual Member of a Religious Community - Free

Individual members of religious communities should register as a Subscriber below and then email member services with the username you register with and we will adjust your account to Standard Membership.

Church or Religious Community Group - £50

Each group will get one login for their account but will receive ten copies of our journal OUTLOOK.

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