“there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3.28)

What an amazing week following the historic vote at General Synod in York on Monday.  WATCH is overjoyed that the General Synod has finally passed the legislation that will enable women to become bishops. This marks a new beginning for the church that can now begin to be fully affirming of both the women and men in it.

The Women in the Episcopate legislation passed with overwhelming support and the breakdown is as follows. A further, more detailed report of the day will follow in due course.

House of Bishops: Yes 37 No 2 Abstentions 1
House of Clergy: Yes 162 No 25 Abstentions 4
House of Laity: Yes 152 No 45 Abstentions 5.

Much of the tone and mood of the debate on the day was notably different to that of November 2012 and WATCH gives thanks to all those who have worked tirelessly, supported wholeheartedly and prayed deeply for this wonderful day. Thanks be to God!

Hilary Cotton, Chair of WATCH said on Monday,

What a historic day. Relief and then joy and then excitement. Yes to women at last.