Truth sees God:
Wisdom gazes on God:
and of these is born a third,
a holy, wondering delight in God
which is love.
Where there is indeed truth and wisdom,
there, too, is love,
springing from them both.
And we reflect him, seeing and knowing
that we have been made for love:
and in that love
God keeps us everlastingly.

It is I!
It is I, who am the strength and goodness of Fatherhood;
I who am the wisdom of Motherhood;
I who am light and grace and blessed love;
I who am Trinity; I who am Unity:
I who am the sovereign goodness
of every single thing;
I who enable you to love and long;
It is I, the eternal fulfilment of every genuine desire.

from a dialogue created by Alan Webster from the words of Julian of Norwich

Prayer for the day
Wise God declared,
It is not good that man should be alone…
Forgive our foolishness;
forgive our pride;
forgive us for not listening to your Word.

Holy Wisdom,
open our ears
to hear your truth;
guide our walk
in the way of insight;
remind us once again of God’s wise words:
It is not good that man should be alone.

Lindsay Southern

Wisdom 7:22-30
Points for Prayer
We pray today:

that wisdom is shown in the deliberations at General Synod
that loving wisdom is apparent where there is dissent
that the desire of women and men for a whole church may be fulfilled
that the wisdom of the outsider will be heard

The WATCH Prayer
Gracious, loving Lord,
we look forward with hope and joyful anticipation
to the time when
men and women
can serve you,
and all people,
equally in every task
within your Church.
Thank you that every position held
and task done
is valued by you
and furthers
your mission on earth.
Thank you Lord
for hearing our prayer.