WATCH has a vision of the Church of England as a community of God’s people where, regardless of their gender, justice and equality prevail. WATCH believes that this vision is rooted in the Scriptures and enfolds God’s will for the whole world. To realise this vision WATCH will promote:


An enthusiasm for authentic equality of all people as a fundamental expression of the Gospel;


An inclusive ministry of women and men, lay and ordained, in the
Church of England;


Justice and the ending of discrimination against women in the Church of England;


Honesty and openness in all appointments, so that women will have equal access to senior positions;


the appointment of women as bishops;


Support for women in ministry, especially for those who encounter
non-acceptance, resistance, obstruction or opposition at parochial or diocesan level and support for all those who suffer because of their advocacy of women’s ministry;


A positive attitude to issues such as a renewed concept of God, collaborative working, inclusive language, questions of sexuality; and education in these matters inside and outside the Church;


An understanding of a collaborate Church as an opportunity for growth and change for God’s people rather than as a reason for fear;


Theological study of all these issues;


The monitoring of the current deployment of women in ministry and the provision of an information service.

These aims and objectives are to be pursued in co-operation (where appropriate) with other Anglican Churches, other Denominations and other organisations.