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Latest Chair’s blog – Women able to be bishops – tick. What next?

By WATCH Chair Hilary Cotton On 14th July 2014 a small piece of the world changed. At last, after nearly a century of active campaigning, the Church of England made it possible for women to be appointed as bishops. Hallelujah. We are in new territory here – territory that is familiar to wider society, but also that is fundamentally different. There is still plenty in the culture of both Church and society that reeks of sexism and paternalism, and those deep-rooted sins need to be brought to awareness and eradicated. Read more …

Synod Voted Yes!

“there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3.28)

What an amazing week following the historic vote at General Synod in York on Monday. WATCH is overjoyed that the General Synod has finally passed the legislation that will enable women to become bishops. This marks a new beginning for the church that can now begin to be fully affirming of both the women and men in it.Read more …

The day is here Novena – Day 9 – Flourishing

Any junior school child will tell you what plants need to flourish: light, warmth, food and water. So what do humans require?

Catherine of Siena wrote:
The sun hears the fields talking about effort,
and the sun smiles and whispers to me,
‘Why don’t the fields just rest,
for I am willing to do everything to help them grow?’
Rest, my sweet ones, in prayer.Read more …