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WATCH Laity Conference Saturday 21st March

A day for lay women only, to tell our stories of our experience of church, explore what is missing and resource ourselves for change.

It will be held on Saturday 21 March 2015 at The Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham 10.30 a.m.Read more …

Bishop Libby! A day or celebration and joy

York Minster was the backdrop yesterday when history was made as the Church of England consecrated its first female bishop. The mood was joyful and the support from the congregation gathered in the Minster was tangible. WATCH gives thanks for the gift of Bishop Libby and all those who will now be able to follow after her. Alleluia!Read more …

For 26th January 2015

Beneath a sparkling frost the frozen earth waits patiently for the discontenting winter to be over. A warmer day is foretold Spring’s opening movement as this daughter of York’s promises awaken a glorious summer. Perhaps if your bones are unearthed again in centuries to come men and women will gather together awestruck saying “Thanks be to Libby, who embodied unity and peace for us. She was the first.”   Penelope Wren