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A morning exploring the themes of Gender, Justice and Spirituality at the University of Roehampton

Join Catherine of Siena College and the Digby Stuart Research Centre for a study morning exploring the themes of gender, justice and spirituality on Saturday 1st October.

Professor Tina Beattie will lead a session on “Understanding Gender”, and Dr Susanna Snyder will explore “Spirituality and Social Action.” This study morning will give people an insight into key themes relating to gender, self, theology and religion, as well as an opportunity to consider links between social justice action and spiritual life and practices. The morning will offer a taster session for Catherine of Siena College courses running this autumn.

Link to the flyer is HERE.

The Centre for the Study of Theology and Health Summer School

Shifting the Shadows of Sexuality…”  an ongoing conversation...

The developing programme is as follows:-

  • Keynote lecture:
    • by the Rev’d Prof. June Boyce-Tillman, Professor of Applied Music at the University of Winchester – “Out of the shadows, the myths we live by” This lecture will look at the fluidity within the human personality as creative and liberating.
  • “Seeing in the dark” will be performed in the gallery on Tuesday evening.
  • Other speakers include:-
    • Dr David McDonald; Consultant Psychiatrist: “A psychological approach to shadow, sexuality and spirituality”
    • Dr Keith Sharpe; author of ‘The Gay Gospels”

There will be seminars, workshops and story-telling which will include theological and pastoral connections relating to a variety of issues including; singleness, transgender and marriage.

A One Day Workshop for Theological Educators on Classroom Strategies around Gender and Sexuality

BIAPT (the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology) and CSCS (the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality), invite you to attend this workshop on classroom strategies around gender and sexuality in either Manchester or London. 

The workshop will prepare theological educators, Diocesan Directors of Ordinands, and other theological teachers and trainers to handle hot-button issues around sexuality and gender. Further information as well as registration form and location details is available at the event website.

The Challenge

As theological educators, we help to form and to inform a wide range of professional and informal faith leaders: parish ministers, chaplains, teachers, parents, and a great many other adult faith practitioners. In a society often troubled or confused around issues of sex, gender, sexuality, and embodiment, how do we help our students to deal with these questions? How do we prepare them to deal with the people who will turn to them for insight, understanding, and support?
Issues and emotions around sexuality and gender are becoming more prominent in theological education. These issues can come up in our work with theology students, with ministers-in-training, and with ministers in the field. They can come up in classroom discussions around ethics, ministry, Scripture, and systematic theology; in discussions about Christian history and about contemporary life. They can come up in academic, ecclesial, and secular settings.
Some of the students in our classes may be wrestling with the doctrine and discipline of their different denominations. Some may be wrestling with challenging new perspectives on sex and embodiment. Some may be wrestling with their own experience of gender and sexuality; with sexism or other forms of discrimination; or with sexual trauma (whether their own, or the trauma of others).

The Workshops

Tackling questions about sexuality and gender calls for engaged, interactive, and experiential pedagogies. Our one-day workshops provide resources and practical training to help teachers tackle these challenging issues. Together, we will explore how to address sex and gender across social and cultural contexts; across differences in personal history; and across different denominational backgrounds. We will provide space and time to think through the challenges of raising these issues within our institutional cultures and settings. Process will be a key part of our content, as we seek to equip and resource each other in this challenging work.

The day will include:

  • Creating a safe, critical, and prayerful space for shared learning
  • Shared reflection on our current teaching practices
  • Finding a shared language around sexualities and gender
  • Practicing specific classroom strategies, including:
    • Creative Questioning
    • Embodied Theological Reflection
    • Topic Fishbowling
    • Comparative Models of Theological Reflection
  • Shared lunch and breaktimes
  • Educational resources and handouts

The details shown are for the event in Manchester on 20th June 2016. There will be a repeat event in London (Oasis College, 1 Kennington Road, SE1 7QP) on 24th June 2016. For full details please refer to the event website.

Women’s Voices 2

Building on the success of the first Women’s Voices Conference in June 2015, Women’s Voices (2) will further explore the importance of women’s voices to the life of the church.

In 2016 we explore how, through preaching, we create safe and sacred space that takes account of our experience as gendered people.

All are welcome, though the event will be of particular interest for anyone, lay or ordained, with responsibility for planning and leading worship.

The keynote speaker is Revd Dr Kate Bruce, author of Igniting the Heart: Preaching and Imagination, and Deputy Warden of Cranmer Hall, Durham, who will consider how we might use the imagination in preaching to create spaces that are safe and sacred for women listeners.

Workshops will include:

  • Approaching the Old Testament as a Woman – Revd Dr Jenni Williams, Tutor in Old Testament at Wycliffe Hall Oxford, and author of God Remembered Rachel.
  • Prophetic Preaching – Revd Liz Shercliff, Director of Studies in the Diocese of Chester, tutor in Homiletics and regular contributor to The Preacher magazine, with Revd Lynita Conradie, Methodist minister and human rights lawyer.
  • Men Making Safe Spaces for Women – Revd Gary O’Neill, Director of Studies for Ordinands in the Diocese of Chester, tutor in Theological Reflection


Lunch and refreshments will be provided.  Please advise dietary or other requirements when booking. There is no charge for this event

Booking is essential.
by email or phone 01928 718834 ext 257
The closing date for bookings is Wednesday, 31 August 2016