January 31st, 2015

For all in our world that makes it hard for a mother to care for her children:
For war, poverty, impossible expectations and inadequate respect
We ask forgiveness
Lord have mercy

For all that we have done to damage family relationships
For words spoken in anger, deeds done in distress or frustration
For failure to value what we have been given
And failure to share who we are.
We ask forgiveness
Christ have mercy

For all the ways in which we have distorted your image,
For limiting your love and turning from your presence
And for failing to acknowledge what we owe to you
We ask forgiveness
Lord have mercy

God who loves us, as a mother loves her children
Whose compassion is quick to forgive and slow to anger
Forgive the failings of our world and the sins we have committed.
Restore in us the image of your love
and grant that we may live renewed lives by your grace.
Through Jesus Christ

Emma Percy