WATCH has received feedback from many members and others and has fully discussed and considered these responses at a committee meeting yesterday. All but a handful expressed dis-satisfaction with the changes to the legislation made by the House of Bishops.

WATCH therefore continues to have grave concerns about the amendment to Clause 5.  We will produce a more detailed statement of these concerns over the coming days.

WATCH deeply regrets the recent intervention by the House of Bishops. It has de-stabilised the progress of the legislation and made the eventual outcome very uncertain indeed. The Church Times poll shows 78% of respondents do not think the amendments will improve the chances of the Measure passing in July. However, WATCH remains committed to working constructively with others to come to a solution that does not create a Church divided in law.


Bishop Michael Perham, Pentecost 2012

“The ordination of women as deacons and priests is, the ordination of women as bishops, when finally it comes, will be, immense joy for the Church, deep enrichment of its life, a transforming influence on men and women alike, an overdue embracing of the will of God.”