We are immensely delighted with the announcement of the Rt. Revd. Dame Sarah Mullally to be the 133rd Bishop of London.  Bishop Sarah brings with her a wide range of gifts, including leadership at a national level. This now brings the number  of Women diocesan bishops to three all of whom have a place in the House of Lords. We offer our prayers as she takes on this significant role. Her gifts  will hold her in good stead as she leads London from its current place as one of the lowest performing in terms of women in ministry and senior leadership roles.  This is a significant appointment for the Church of England and its commitment to making appointments to all levels of ministry regardless of gender. This welcome appointment sends out a signal beyond the church and will, we believe, be positive in terms of the church’s mission in the 21st century. We look forward to seeing Bishop Sarah take up this role and pray that the diocese of London will flourish under her care.