WATCH is delighted to congratulate Dean June Osborne on her election as Bishop of Llandaff in the Church in Wales. We rejoice with and for the diocese and the Province that they will be welcoming a woman with such wisdom and experience as their new bishop. Dean Osborne has been an inspiration to so many of us over the years. Her own ministry has given so much to the Church of England, locally and on a wider scale. Her work with the Women’s Leadership program has enabled many women to find the confidence to move into more senior roles.

So, whilst we rejoice for the diocese of Llandaff, inevitably there is a sense of regret that the House of Bishops in the Church of England has not benefited from her membership. Wales’s gain is our loss. We continue to raise concerns that our own senior appointment system has not enabled some of our most experienced and gifted women to bring their wisdom into the House of Bishops and House of Lords.

We pray for June in her new role, for the diocese of Llandaff and for The Church in Wales.