At the Annual General Meeting, a number of Women and the Church Committee members are standing down and we are looking for new members. Would you be willing to serve on the committee and help us continue the work that WATCH has done since being founded in 1996? We’re just getting started; there’s still much work to be done.


We are still looking for candidates to stand for election as Chair. We haven’t received a nomination by the deadline, so please do be in contact if you are interested in finding out more. It is a great job! More detail by clicking HERE


If you would like to stand for the Committee, this is what you need to do:

Email or write to Mark Bennet (Treasurer and Returning Officer) stating your willingness to stand and who your proposer and seconder are. Proposer and seconder must both be members of WATCH. They need to write or email their support to Mark in a format that enables him to confirm their identity and that they are members of WATCH. Although nominations remain open until the AGM, those received by 14 November will be printed on ballot papers, which will ease administration – others will have to be written in on the day.

Committee nominees are invited to forward an A4 one-side summary of their relevant experience, which may include a photograph. These will be made available to members at the AGM to inform them of who is on the committee, whether or not there is an election. Mark’s contact details: [email protected], The Rectory, 2 Rectory gardens, Thatcham, RG19 3PR.


This position is filled by appointment by the Committee, not by election. However, we do need someone to fill it! It mainly involves administering Committee meetings, including taking minutes: other tasks are by arrangement.