At a press conference held today ahead of General Synod next month in York, WATCH was encouraged by the determination shown to pass the Women in the Episcopate legislation which will, we pray, receive final approval there.

The vote is expected to be close. This is the same Synod that did not pass the previous legislation in November 2012, and the same people will be voting, so the vote is likely to be tight. However, the new legislation has been agreed by all sides working together: it is much simpler, and gives space for everyone. The legislation has also received overwhelming support from the dioceses, including London and Chichester that voted against it last time.

The wider Church is waiting, watching and willing Synod to say yes this time. This is a moment to reflect on how far we have come and we pray for those voting next month at General Synod. That they might vote in favour for the good of the whole Church and for the courage to abstain if they cannot.

Hilary Cotton, chair of WATCH said, “After 14 years of work on this issue, the mission of the church desperately requires it to be resolved. With a positive result this time the church’s work in God’s world will gain fresh energy, and new opportunities will be opened to us to tell the good news. Please let us not turn our backs on that again.”




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