Please see the notice regarding a Public Consultation for the next Bishop of London.
It is important that as many of us as possible attend this meeting.
We need to give our clear views on what should be included in the profile for the next bishop, whose remit, beliefs and actions will go far beyond the diocese to the wider national and international stage. 
Many of you wrote to the Vacancy in See Committee regarding the importance of the next bishop ordaining women as priests alongside men, and why. It is vital that the Archbishop’s secretary for Appointments and the Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary also hear these views.
Whether or not you are able to attend please write to the two Secretaries on the email address given below stating what you feel. If you have a name as bishop to propose then please include this in your email.  But, please, try to come in person. It will be so good to see you as WATCH (London) members.
With many good wishes
Sally Barnes on behalf of the WATCH (London) Committee

Public consultation for 133rd Bishop of London
As part of the consultation for the 133rd Bishop of London a public consultation will be held at 6.30pm on Tuesday 13 June at St Alban's Church, 18 Brooke Street, London EC1N 7RD.
Anyone who would like to share their views on the needs of the Diocese or the wider Church with the Archbishops' Secretary for Appointments and the Prime Minister's Appointments Secretary would be most welcome to come along.
Any person wishing to comment on the needs of the Diocese or the wider Church, or who wishes to propose candidates, can also email before 30 June to [email protected]. Any emails received will be shared by the two Secretaries.

Directions to St Albans EC1N 7RD can be found on: The Parish of St Alban's Holborn