Prayer for 16 Days of Activism
 November 29, 2013, Day 5 of 16 Days
 Merciful Father,
 We offer our prayers today for the women and children who are victims of human trafficking. Lord we know that human trafficking is a human rights violation and one of the gravest and most complex human rights challenges of the times. It is a crime against the dignity and integrity of people. It has devastating consequences for victims who may suffer emotional, psychological, and physical abuse. Many victims of trafficking are bought and sold many times over, multiplying the forms of violence they suffer. We ask for your divine intervention for these victims. Hold them in your loving arms Lord, free them and heal their physical, emotional and psychosocial wounds.
Lord we also pray for the perpetrators of these crimes against the dignity and integrity of your people. We ask that you grant them a change of heart and forgiveness. Move them to release every victim from the bonds of this horrific crime. Lord we also pray for ourselves. Move us in such a mightily way that we strive for justice for all victims of trafficking. Open the eyes for those of us who fail to see the gravity of trafficking, soften the hearts of those of us who do nothing and lead us into action to end this grave and complex human rights challenge. We ask this all in the most precious name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
 Deb Gardiner
 Member-at-Large Social Justice
 National ECW Board