Love God; Love your neighbour as yourself. This trinity of love is at the heart of our Christian faith and they are interdependent – you can’t have one without the others. The other side of the coin is the fact that God loves us.

A faith community that does not reflect this picture of love is failing in its mission. Women have been asked to give love unreservedly – we have been asked to accept second class status in the Church. We have been asked to be good girls.

But that time is over. Women are asking to be totally included – to be encouraged, to be affirmed, to be enabled to answer the call they have from God to serve God and God’s people, in every way that is open to men.

We know that God loves us; we need to know that God’s people love us too. Then the Church will be whole and we will have a message to the world that the world is longing to hear.

Lillalou Hughes

Prayer for the day
Bound, my soul,
up the steps
of heaven
like a child
come home
from a long
and weary day.

Leap, my heart,
and fall
into open arms
and press
tight against
your Mother’s
laughing breast.

and be
at peace

Christina Robertson,
in Lifting Women’s Voices

John 15:12; 1 John 4:19
Points for Prayer
We pray today:
for a Church that shows forth the love of God
for women who feel unloved
for women longing to live out their vocation
that our churches may be inclusive
that all may see the love of Christ in others
that we are willing to show “tough love” where necessary

The WATCH Prayer

Gracious, loving Lord,
we look forward with hope and joyful anticipation
to the time when
men and women
can serve you,
and all people,
equally in every task
within your Church.
Thank you that every position held
and task done
is valued by you
and furthers
your mission on earth.
Thank you Lord
for hearing our prayer.