The Inaugural WATCH Annual Lecture

Religious Freedom in UK Education - Conversations about being Human

Revd Dr. Helen Hall , Chester Cathedral , 17 May 2018 7.30pm

How much scope should parents and schools have in deciding the content and presentation of information to children?  Debates about RE and assemblies, what about science, Creationism, ethics, sex education, literature, history affect all learners, but potentially have a particular impact on girls and women.  Do we need to re-think the current balance of conflicting interests?

Helen is an Anglican priest and legal academic, with a particular interest in Law and Religion, Human/Children's Rights and Tort.  She is also Chair of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals.  In her spare time she likes ballet, history, cake and all things Spanish.

Helen is a project lead with the ‘Religion, law and the constitution project’. Find further details here

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