The General Synod elections for 2020 have been deferred by 12 months, meaning voting will now be in September 2021. We are continuing to work with Inclusive Church and other to organise for these elections, with Nic Tall acting as the coordinator.

Nic would like to remind everyone that Annual Parochial Church Meetings in the C of E were extended so they could take place up until 31st October. If your parish is yet to hold this meeting, this year you will be electing Deanery Synod members, and these members will be able to vote in September 2021. General Synod elections can be extremely close, so please ensure that you take up all of your allocated Deanery places, that your members understand their responsibility to vote and to support inclusive candidates. When voting opens in 2021 we will be circulating a list of candidates who have signed up to an inclusive statement to help inform voters.

If you would like to know more about the elections or are interested in standing for General Synod next year, please get in touch with Nic ([email protected]).