WATCH was delighted with the announcement last month of the election of South India’s first woman bishop. The Revd Eggoni Pushpalalitha was ordained in 1983 and has most recently been a priest in the Diocese of Nadyal in Andhra Pradesh.

Revd Eggoni Pushpalalitha said that her appointment has silenced critics who believe only men can play leadership roles in the church and in an interview recently added that said she faced bias against women in leadership roles “but only until my consecration. Those who used to talk about it are now touching my feet,” said the 57-year-old bishop, who holds degrees in economics and divinity, referring to an Indian custom of showing respect.

Speaking before her consecration, Revd  Pushpalalitha told an Indian newspaper: “Be it any institution, women are always given second-rung treatment. We need to change that by promoting values that teach us to not discriminate and treat all humans the same.”