I am much happier working with someone than working alone. Sometimes being alone with a task is unavoidable. But Jesus knows that two is better than one, our witness is better, our work is easier, the burdens and the joys are shared when we walk and work with someone else. So from all those who were following him he chooses seventy to go out and prepare the way for him. He sends them – they are apostles.

But do we assume these were all men? Luke doesn’t say so and in fact they most probably weren’t. So Jesus sends out women and men as apostles to prepare the way, to work together, representing rounded, complete humanity an image of creation in mission. For God realised at creation that ‘It is not good that the man should be alone’ and it is true in life, in mission, in ministry.

Andrew Nunn

Prayer for the day
Creating God,
you call us to share,
through gift and grace,
in the making of your kingdom.
We thank you for all who
have inspired us through their
courage, vision and daring to
believe in a different future.

Redeeming God,
we celebrate the hard work of
those who seek a richer church,
where the talents of all its
members can be used to your
glory in the service of your

Sustaining God,
keep us faithful to your gospel,
alert to our failings, and open to
your spirit in all creation.

Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild.

June 2014

Luke 10 1-12
Points for Prayer
We pray today:
for our prayer partners
for our mission partners
for those who minister alone
that mission and ministry may reflect the perfection of creation

The WATCH Prayer
Gracious, loving Lord,
we look forward with hope and joyful anticipation
to the time when
men and women
can serve you,
and all people,
equally in every task
within your Church.
Thank you that every position held
and task done
is valued by you
and furthers
your mission on earth.
Thank you Lord
for hearing our prayer.