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As part of the settlement on women becoming bishops, the Archbishops appointed Sir Philip Mawer as an Independent Reviewer, whose task is to adjudicate when there are concerns or grievances about how the 5 Guiding Principles on women's ordination are applied in practice.

The 5 guiding principles are listed here.

The Independent Reviewer has adjudicated on two issues so far and his reports are here and here.
The WATCH Committee has considered the Reports carefully, and has contributed a response to the Independent Reviewer's consultation on how he is approaching his work.

The consultation invitation is here.

Our intention is to raise awareness of the way that patriarchal power continues to be the 'norm' in the structures of the Church of England, and that the Independent Reviewer will need to work carefully to ensure gender justice in his work.

You can read our full response to the Independent Reviewer here: WATCH Consultation letter to IR